Paul Marques Architect Inc. is committed to client service and design excellence. Our staff development ensures depth of personnel, relevant project experience, long term opportunities for growth, and excellence in our services. While many team members tend to focus in specialized aspects of the practice, our resource personnel are skilled collaborators, enhancing the service to our clients. In response to unique project opportunities, Paul Marques Architect Inc. offers integrated partnering services with national and global specialists serving the needs of specific clients and unique projects with an experienced team in both the residential and commercial sectors, we strive to meet our client’s needs and goals for their specific environment.

Architecture Builds Value and Communities.

Founded in 2009, Paul Marques Architect Inc. set out to build an innovative architectural business that focused on client service and design excellence. Today, Paul Marques Architect Inc. has built a brand that creates elegant, innovative, and responsible architecture for companies around the world.

Our Culture

Paul Marque Architect Inc. has created a culture that is seamlessly integrated within their business model and people.  The richly diverse team and talent spans throughout multiple generations, which creates a synergistic company culture – producing a high level user experience.  Paul Marques Architect Inc.’s ability to learn, translate and act are why they are one of the top architecture firms in the market today.

Our Values

  1. Service to others; exceed client expectations
  2. Always provide excellence and innovation
  3. Growth and development
  4. Care for the environment
  5. Be honest, respect integrity, and always give 100%